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Who we are

Embarking on the journey of creativity and innovation is not a solo endeavor—it's a collaborative dance with like-minded partners who share our vision and passion for excellence. In the Associates section, we invite you to explore the dynamic network of collaborators, contributors, and partners who amplify the strength of BoostUp Productions.
From talented actors who breathe life into our narratives to technical wizards who bring a touch of magic to our projects to melodious singers, our associates play an integral role in shaping the multifaceted landscape of our productions. This is a space where relationships flourish, ideas converge, and innovation thrives.
Join us in acknowledging the valuable contributions of our associates—the unsung heroes who, together with our team, form the backbone of BoostUp Productions. Together, we create a synergy that propels our storytelling to new heights. Welcome to the collaborative spirit that defines our network of associates.


  1.    Manpreet Saggu (Female Singer)
  2.    Yuvan (Male Singer)


  1.   Preet Bath
  2.    Mahabir Bhullar
  3.   Sanju Solanki
  4.    Sanjeev Attri
  5.   Sansar Sandhu
  6.    Hobby Dhaliwal


  1.   Manpreet Saggu